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GenM Apprenticeship Review

5 things I’ve learned using a GenM.co apprentice GenM is a great (and small) investment for entrepreneurs. I started using GenM.co about 4 months ago and wanted to share a little more about my experience with a GenM apprenticeship review of what I discovered using this service. If you aren’t familiar, GenM is a website […]

Coworking Cultivates New Friendships and Business

Coworking is a great option for home-based entrepreneurs who need a professional space in which to meet clients. For Dawn Anderson of Tiny Stars Creative, LLC this was a great benefit to becoming an InSpark Coworking member. But that isn’t the only benefit Dawn gets out of coworking – she’s also developed friendships with other […]

Join the InSpark Community!

Love your home office, but looking for opportunities to connect with people in real life? That’s exactly why we created our community membership. Ultimately, coworking is about the community – about amazing people with big goals and aspirations coming together to support one another and cheer each other onward and upward. And, we get it. […]

Case Study: InSpark Coworking Helps New Business Grow Through Networking

Starting a new business is not easy and one of the biggest challenges for fledgling companies is finding clients. This was particularly true for Debby Mycroft when she started Memories Worth Telling, a boutique writing house producing personalized autobiographical books and family legacy letters. By becoming a member of InSpark Coworking, LLC., Debby was able […]

August 9th is Lynnwood Coworking Day!

August 9th is officially “Lynnwood Coworking Day!” Around the world, coworking spaces will be taking the week of August 5-9 to celebrate International Coworking Week. InSpark Coworking is celebrating locally with a Proclamation from Mayor Nicola Smith that Friday, August 9, 2019 is officially Lynnwood Coworking Day.   “We know small business is the backbone […]


Two years of coworking – a testimonial

Written by Debby Mycroft of Memories Worth Telling Good fortune was on my side when I learned that the opening of my business coincided with the opening of InSpark Coworking in Lynnwood.  I had been working from home as a freelance writer in the due diligence industry for 13 years when I decided it was […]


What are you measuring on Facebook?

It’s so easy as a business owner to jump on the newest trends on social media. But, are they effective for YOUR ideal audience? That is a question many business owners could be asking and based on results – I am guessing they are not. It is very simple to test – and this blog […]


Meeting Rooms in Snohomish County

People often reach out for ideas for free meeting space, so we wanted to capture a list (incomplete for sure) of free and paid meeting spaces in the area. This is an incomplete list for sure. Please feel free to message me with your additions. In addition to this list, I would invite you to […]

Free Chair Massages!

When a massage school calls and says they have students who need to practice and need to do free chair massages and can they come to InSpark to offer them – of course we said yes – so YOU are invited to come in for a free (truly free – they can’t even accept tips) […]


Is it time to Marie Kondo your Facebook feed?

Does it spark joy? It’s a simple question when it comes to a tshirt you have had since college, or the kitchen tool you’ve never used. But, how do you use that measurement to help with your social media? I would love to take a few minutes to share what I’ve done in hopes it […]