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Car University (ideas for your drive)

As InSpark grows and changes, we are attracting more members who are willing to spend a little more time on the road because they know the benefit they will receive by being here. So, we’ve been talking about turning our cars into university with podcasts and audio books. We would love to know YOUR favorites, […]

Demystifying Coworking Misconceptions

When out talking to people, I hear a lot of the same stories from people. So, I thought I would write this post to talk a little bit about those statements I hear repeatedly about “why people don’t want to cowork.” I will be too social. I totally get that one. Massive extrovert here and […]

Great Low Cost Business Tools

We had an event at our space recently where we talked about free and low cost tools for your business. These were some of the favorites discussed that relate specifically to marketing. Business owners are always looking for places to find free photos. If the image is for your website, I do highly recommend buying […]